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Small Business Loans
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Apply in minutes, get funds fast.
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From a Working Capital or Merchant Cash Advance and Credit Card Processing, we can customize your business financing for business needs.


We offer a Small Business Resource Center with tons of helpful information and news for business owners.

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Apply online or over the phone. Receive a decision in a matter of minutes and funding in as few as 24 hours. Every one of our clients are matched with a Good Loans LLC account manager who has specific knowledge about your business and industry and has comprehensive understanding of your business needs.

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Since 2014, Good Loans LLC has served many small businesses across America.


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We’ve delivered over $1 billion dollars to businesses in thousands of industries throughout the US. We can customize business financing for almost any business-related need. We provide variable repayment options that are best suited for your budget, so you can better manage and predict your business costs. Learn more about Good Loans.

  • My beauty company was growing fast but I needed money to get all new orders started and pay the staff. Most lenders wouldn’t lend me the $200,000 that I needed, but Good Loans was able to work. They understood my situation and did everything they could to get me the amount I needed. I wasn’t just another credit score to them, I felt prioritized, and will definitely come back to them when I need them.

    Michael North
  • My trucking company was reduced to 1 truck to do deliveries, I was about to lose clients and I needed money fast to get new trucks. My credit was not the best but Good Loans was able to approve me when no one else would. My representative always kept contact with me with anything I needed to do to get my application approved.

    David Frank Investor
  • Farming industry is not the best year round and I needed money to keep my crops alive when times were hard. They were able to get me $150k fast with all my documents, I had 1 assigned representative to work with and I didn’t have to explain my situation over and over again. He took care of everything and I just had to sign and send my documents.

    Randy S. Braun Baltimore Markets
  • I have taken 3 loans out with Good Loans Capital already. I have gotten close to paying of a loan and then something with the company would come up. They were able to get me more money when I needed even if I still owed them money. The repayment options were great for me and will keep going back to them because they take care of me as a person, not just another client.

    Susan A. Charney Rack Sack
  • My family’s liquor store has been in business now for 3 generations. It was time to expand to more stores, but I didn’t have the best credit to take out a loan at the bank. Good Loans understood that my personal credit neglects had nothing to do with the business when it got handed to me. They got me approved fast, when other lenders would have me wait for weeks to get an answer. They were able to get me the $350k I needed to expand and I will definitely come back to them, rather than going to a bank.

    Bonnie S. Gomes G liquors Store
  • My trucking company took a loss in merchandise and I had to get new merchandise to catch up on orders. I needed money that I didn’t have, but knew I would pay back fast. Banks didn’t understand that my company was growing and was going to keep growing, all they cared about was credit. Good Loans understood that my company was increasing in profit and was able to approve me without a problem. I was able to catch up on my orders and paid them back in no time.

    Roy K. Thomas